Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gearing up for the big trip

Well, you all know I am moving across the country... what you might not know is this move consists of me driving, with my Mama and both of the Beasties, from Charleston SC to La Mesa CA. Oh yeah, since I have been living out of a suitcase for the last 6 months I have collected somethings... I have had a hitch put on my Vue and am renting a U-Haul.

Yeah, me and Mama, the Beasties, pulling a trailer and crossing the country in 4-5 days. Fun? Maybe. Funny? Definitely. I see a comedy of errors and issues happening next week.... between Mama and the Beasties we will stop every two hours to pee. And get something to drink so we can stop and pee again. Beastie#2 gets car sick so we have to get meds for her. Beastie#1 gets travel anxiety so he gets meds too. Oh yeah, you can't forget the fact that #1 can't eat dog food (lucky me) so I will have to make plenty of dog food to freeze and take with us. And #1 has daily meds anyway.

Don't forget, I have to call the vet and get everybody's anal glands expressed and nails clipped. Yippee! I have to call the pharmacist and get #1's Tylan powder filled, a double batch please. Yes, I get it from a regular pharmacy - well, not regular, a local compounding pharmacy - a people pharmacy. Whew. Mama and I each take daily meds more than one time a day, #1 gets meds in the morning and stuff every time he eats.... #2 doesn't take meds but, during the trip both Beasties will get pills in the morning. Crap.... and everybody needs about two hours from waking to getting in the car to take care of personal type business.

I can't believe I am planning on doing this in 5 days. Will it be Hell? Maybe.... I will let you know.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Budget stuff..... are you kidding me?!?!

So, the Senate can't agree with the House and we do not yet have a budget. How hard can it be? The Democrats want to spend us into oblivion and the Republicans are trying to reign them in - and having a really hard time with it too. The President sent a budget to the house. It is full of crap - lots of spending, no true cuts. The House then proposed a budget with lots of cuts... some that are going to make things a little hard but still, they need to be done. The Senate has done nothing - just said "No, House, we aren't even going to look at that budget bill." Oh really? Aren't we paying them? Don't they work for us? Isn't what we want supposed to be their priority?!?! Doesn't look like the Senate really cares.

Here's the deal. Any Navy family (any branch of the military will do) can tell you that income needs to equal or exceed spending in order to be successful. Heck, any high school student can tell you that. Lets take it further, any K-5 kid can tell you that if you have a nickel and something costs a dime then you can't get it until you have another nickel.

What message is the government, more importantly our POTUS, sending? I'll tell you - that debt is good, that the more debt you have the more successful you are, that borrowing money is the way to go, that greed is correct. Hmpf. That is not what I want.

I think one of the things that makes it worse is that so many ignorant people think the POTUS is right. These are people who have crushing debt, can't pay their rent, buy expensive cars yet live in government subsidized housing and use food stamps. These are the people that put Obama in office and if we aren't careful they'll do it again. I am terrified of that - Obama, unchecked, just like his first two years.

I am writing my Senators and letting them know how I feel.... I'm just hoping everyone else does too.