Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Okay... let's talk about Libya

Well, you all know my husband and our oldest are in the US Navy. I have very strong feelings about war, what we are doing all over the world, and how our government goes about accomplishing military goals. You could say we ALL have a vested interest in the happenings in the desert. I am unhappy with what is happening in Libya and I would hope most people are.

First, for all the double speak and political maneuvering the action in Libya is a war. The POTUS did NOT get congressional approval before committing us to this military action (war). This is in direct violation of the Constitution, in fact, an impeachable offense.

Second, we have no clear goal.

Third, we are backing the "opposition fighters" with no idea who is leading them... in every other Arab country that has gone cuckoo over the last several months we have known who is in charge of the opposition. A day or two ago there was a report - validated - that over 20 members of Al Qaeda were fighting with the opposition. If they are admitting to over 20 you can bet it is over 100. Al Qaeda. Are you kidding me?

Fourth, NATO is now reluctant to take over the action. I'm not surprised... they do not have the ability to command.

FIfth, we were to have limited scope. To date we have flown over 50% of the actual missions.

Sixth, we cannot afford this. We have no money, no budget, and no sense in DC, why are we instituting a third action?

I have a solution. It is simple. We walk away. We leave them to it. We say "define the mission to take out Quaddafi, and install a democracy, develop a limited role for us and give a time line, and PAY FOR OUR COSTS and we will help you."

'Nuff said.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


We have family in town.... some of my favorite cousins from Mama's side. It is interesting and fun to see them. Sad though, they came to bury their father's ashes... he was a neat man: kind, smart, funny, devoted to his family, and loving. He was bigger than life when I was younger.

They used to come into town, Harry and his wife Ingrid and all three boys, and stay, usually for a week, right down the island. Those were some of my favorite times as a girl. They were often coming from overseas... Harry worked for the State Department and Ingrid was from Denmark. The boys were always kind to me... as the youngest by about 5 years I could often be a pest. Their oldest was my favorite... they were all kid but he was always special to me. He always made sure to include me and make me a part of things, even when he was a teen and probably could have done without me tagging along. At that point I was in single digits and I am pretty sure I was a huge pest.

When I hit my teen years I spent hours figuring out how we could get married.. after all, he was my second cousin once removed so it wasn't like it was illegal or anything. He was tall, handsome and kind... three things that are of high priority when you are 12. Or any age for that matter. Understanding that handsome is a matter of perspective is important here.

Eric is still kind. Still tall and handsome. I don't have a crush on him anymore, but I do hold him in high esteem. All the boys actually... They are fantastic people, kind and understanding, smart and funny. Special. And they are good at giving you their full attention, making you feel good about yourself.

I don't get to see them often but every time I do I remember how much fun we had, and still have, together. They are all married - to women not their second cousin once removed - and have carried their good qualities with them, passing them on to yet another generation. Their visit is short, one only in town for a day and the rest leaving tomorrow, but we will squeeze every minute of family joy that we can.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

OMG - I didn't realize it had been so long!!

My apologies.... I didn't realize I had gone so long without blogging. Things here have been crazy - I actually got The Hubster for a whole 13 days last month - OUT IN SAN DIEGO!! It was fantastic to have the time together.... I really needed it.

We spent a good bit of time trying to find a house to buy.... nine offers on nine houses and guess what? We are renting.

We went to the San Diego Safari Park for the day - it was truly amazing. You are very close to the animals... the people taking the truck tour actually have giraffes stick their heads in the trucks. Can't wait to go back and take tat ride myself. They also have a "Snore and Roar" where members (which we are) can camp out in the park. I really want to do that too.... hope The Hubster is up for it.

Anyway, all is right with my world. Seeing him again, in real life and not just a picture, was amazing. I actually felt my heart grow when I saw his face. I didn't cry - at least not right away - but when he put his arms around me a strong sense of peace settled on me. I had been so stressed for so long.... it was incredible. I forget sometimes just how safe I feel when I am with him.

He was supposed to get to CA on the 11th of February. Well, that didn't happen. First they were going to fly him commercial, round trip from Bahrain to CA. They changed their minds. Then they decided to MAC flight him from Bahrain to Norfolk and then fly him commercial to CA. Well, the rotator flight that routinely runs from Norfolk to multiple other points and back broke down. Well, it needed some maintenance so they were delayed two days. Then they got on the plane but the plane didn't take off at the right time so they had to get back off the plane and leave the airport for two hours. Apparently the ROyal Family fly during a few hours window in the morning and no one else can be there. I guess that makes sense, if you are part of the Royal Family. Then they got held up in the Azores due to extremely high winds. Freaking wonderful. I was stressing. They finally landed in Norfolk (I was already in CA) 6 hours late at 3 a.m. TeenDream was there to meet the plane - nice surprise for The Hubster. They hug out for a few hours until it was time for my honey to get on a plane and fly to me in San Diego. Meanwhile, although I know what airline he is flying and what day he is getting in , I have NO IDEA WHAT FLIGHT HE IS ON!!!!

I just checked out all the flights from Norfolk to San Diego. There were three. Thankfully he was on the first on that arrived at 1:35 in the afternoon and not the third one that landed at 7:35 p.m. I would have been a crazy woman by then.

Anyway, he got there on February 14, and was the best Valentine's Day present I have ever gotten. I don't ever, ever want to go 9 full months plus a few days extra without seeing my honey. I can't begin to explain how happy I am that he is on a ship that goes in 6 month increments. I know, sounds crazy doesn't it?

I will get him back in a few months and we will have a somewhat normal schedule for a few months... can't wait. In the meantime you guys get to move cross country with me - should be a very interesting trip - me, my Momma, Beasties 1&2 all in my Saturn Vue Hybrid and trucking across the Southern part of our great nation, stopping every 2 hours to pee.

Did I mention that our new rental home has a pool and hot tub? Or that the gardener and pool service are part of the rent? Well, that's how it is... nice and easy for a while. I can't wait!