Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chick is in the Nest

I have been staying with Mama for the last few weeks, several hundred miles from my house and TeenDream. It has been good but I worry so much that it has interfered with my sleep.

I know I shouldn't worry excessively - he is smart and careful. Well, as careful as a teen actually can be. And he has friends that will help him out of a jam, and adults he can call on..... still, I worry. I don't worry about him doing stupid things like drinking and driving or riding with someone who has been drinking... pretty sure Mom the ex-cop has pounded that into his head. It is just that amorphous general worry thing that parents are destined to do when their chicks are no longer living in the nest, rather they have built their own nests and are thriving. I really don't like it - the worry, not the fact that he is thriving.

I worry about SailorBoy too, but not as much - he is 24. I should probably worry more about SailorBoy and less about TeenDream but a mother's heart doesn't work like that. Whatever.

Anyway, TeenDream arrived last night. YAY. I kind of got pissed at Sis#2 - I didn't even get one whole minute alone in the yard with him before she was down there asking him questions (mom questions too) and walking in between us up the stairs. I guess I should count myself lucky I got to hug him without her hovering but I just wanted to smack her. Not very kind of me but there it is.

Whichever way things went, my boy is here, in the same house for several days. My "mom radar and worry gene" can take a break. I can rest easy knowing he is here, with me, and no matter what happens I can care for him.

Nice. Merry Christmas to me!

And Merry Christmas to you.

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