Thursday, November 18, 2010

Family - all kinds

i have been thinking quite a bit about family. I believe that we all have several: the family you are born to, the one you marry, and the one you choose. Now, you may think the one you marry and the one you choose are the same. Ha. you are wrong. Yes, you do get to choose your spouse, but you don't get to pick the family they were born to. You get stuck with whatever your spouse got. Sometimes that is good, sometimes not.

Anyway, I have an interesting family. We all have our own issues, but that is normal. I love my sisters. I know Sis#1 loves me. We aren't best friends but I know I can trust her, that she has my back, and if I ever were to need her she would be there. I hope she knows the same about me. I'm not so sure Sis#2 loves me. I'm not sure she loves anyone other than TeenDream. That's okay, I guess. Since I don't really have a choice on it it kind of has to be.

The Hubster was a great choice on my part. He rocks. He isn't perfect but we muddle through and I love him like crazy. His family... well, I love them, they are family. I like some more than others.

But real family - the ones that are family by choice... those beautiful people that love you just because. They give freely of their time, attention, humor.....

I am so lucky in this area. I have family all over the world. People I have met, grown to love, connected with.... I can call these people at any time and talk like we live next door to each other.

So, don't limit your views on family. Accept that you can find brothers and sisters of your heart, of your family, any where at any time. Know that they are out there.

Right now I am with my Sunny B in California. I am house hunting because The Hubster, via the Navy, is bringing me back here. I get to hang with my bestie. Her parents love me... I love them. I can go to them for advice and help. My Sunny is my bestie, my sister. Her daughter is so close to my heart.... her husband is my brother. Her brother-in-law... my brother. They are part of my family and even though completely across the country from my home town, moving here is a homecoming, where I have family and will be cared for.

Life and love are good.

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