Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Okay... let's talk about Libya

Well, you all know my husband and our oldest are in the US Navy. I have very strong feelings about war, what we are doing all over the world, and how our government goes about accomplishing military goals. You could say we ALL have a vested interest in the happenings in the desert. I am unhappy with what is happening in Libya and I would hope most people are.

First, for all the double speak and political maneuvering the action in Libya is a war. The POTUS did NOT get congressional approval before committing us to this military action (war). This is in direct violation of the Constitution, in fact, an impeachable offense.

Second, we have no clear goal.

Third, we are backing the "opposition fighters" with no idea who is leading them... in every other Arab country that has gone cuckoo over the last several months we have known who is in charge of the opposition. A day or two ago there was a report - validated - that over 20 members of Al Qaeda were fighting with the opposition. If they are admitting to over 20 you can bet it is over 100. Al Qaeda. Are you kidding me?

Fourth, NATO is now reluctant to take over the action. I'm not surprised... they do not have the ability to command.

FIfth, we were to have limited scope. To date we have flown over 50% of the actual missions.

Sixth, we cannot afford this. We have no money, no budget, and no sense in DC, why are we instituting a third action?

I have a solution. It is simple. We walk away. We leave them to it. We say "define the mission to take out Quaddafi, and install a democracy, develop a limited role for us and give a time line, and PAY FOR OUR COSTS and we will help you."

'Nuff said.

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