Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Big sigh of relief....

So, I had skin cancer. Note the had. I was pretty sure it was a "bad spot" when I first went to the doctor....

There was some stress in finally getting to a dermatologist and then there was the wait... who really wants to wait for results? When they came it wasn't much of a shock - but the way they came was.

I got a piece of paper in the mail on a Friday that said I had cancer. It didn't say what kind. It didn't say anything accept to keep my follow up in two weeks. No phone call. No further explanation... just "you have cancer".

So, I dropped by my doc's office on Monday, with the little piece of paper in hand. The whole office was pretty freaked out about the manner in which the results were delivered. Really?!? No call, just a piece of paper in the mail? Yep. It still kind of freaks me out.

I got sent to an oncologist. Two weeks later I had a huge chunk of skin and the "bad spot" removed.

All in all the good outweighed the bad Yes, it was cancer - bad. It was basal cell carcinoma - not really good but they usually don't come back. They got it all on the first swipe - good.

Now we are two weeks outs from the procedure - I have no stitches as of yesterday, but I am stuck together with three thick pieces of steri-tape and still have to move carefully.

I feel weird. I had cancer. Granted I didn't have to have any other therapies outside of a minor surgical procedure but still - cancer?

I feel changes coming - I am old, well, kind of. I have had a skin cancer "scare". I have fibro. I take blood pressure meds. I am often achy - probably from the fibro but I have arthritis in my back, hands, and feet. I buy wrinkle repair cream. I now often think that certain clothes and styles are "too young" for me.

OMG - I am middle aged. I don't think I like this.

I must go, and ponder this. I am hoping it is just an "empty nest" thing and I'll get over it.

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