Friday, October 8, 2010

It is what it is...

Today is Friday. I am not enthused by this day. I got up, had tea, emailed The Hubster (miss him so stinking much), and went to pickup trash out of my yard because MowerBoy (TeenDream's roommate) was coming to take care of the lawn. Now, for most people, there is no trash in their yard... maybe some leaves twigs, but not trash. For me.... trash. Soda cans and bottles, cardboard pizza holders from the 7/11, paper cups, straws, cigarette butts and packs, napkins, plastic, McDonald's bags..... today I actually found a spoon - a real one, not a plastic one, and cardboard from the inside of a roll of paper towels.

Yep - looked like I was doing community service as I walked around with my grabber and plastic bags filled with general crap and the detritus of people that just don't care.

It irritates me that people litter. It really irritates me that they toss it in my yard.

My dogs bark at these people, Beastie #1 and #2 don't like them any more than I do. You may say I don't know them but I do. I know that they do not care about the city, the planet, nor do they have any respect for other people's property. They are not nice people.

So, when my dogs bark these same people bang on my fence, yell, bark back at my dogs, and throw things over the fence into the yard... aiming for my little dogs. One time a young boy actually picked up a fairly large fallen branch, climbed up the fence and aimed it at my dogs. He was kind of surprised when I caught up with him (after tearing through my house and around the side) and yelled at him. His little friends laughed til I yelled at them too. Then they all got snotty. It came to a head when one of their parent's drove up and asked what was going on. These children were so convinced that they had the "right" to be hateful that they actually crossed there arms and had "you're gonna get it now" looks on their face - and it was directed at me. Much to their surprise they were in for it.... that Dad wasn't happy. They got a little butt chewing and sent home to wait until he got back... btw, he also stated he was calling EVERYONE'S parents.

That would have been perfect if they were the only offenders. They aren't. It is every where in the city in which I live - hard to escape even if you move to the country.

I am ready to leave. That is how I feel about it. In the mood I'm in today, it can't happen fast enough.

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