Thursday, October 7, 2010

It Has Been A While....

So, I haven't written for quite a while. I still have "The Block" when it comes to the new book. Very frustrating...... and I have been caught up in some personal things lately, also very frustrating. I need to put everything behind me, look forward, and move ahead....

TeenDream is moved out, mostly. He is loving apartment life, loving his roommates, enjoying his freedom, and still coming home occasionally to eat and do laundry. Pretty much what I expected. He and I are going through all the remaining crap he has left in the house and then he will do a final clean and be officially gone. I am so happy to see him moving forward. I am so sad that my baby is gone. Mama is here for a visit now and when she goes back home in a few days I will be alone.

No biggie - I have lived alone before. It isn't my favorite thing but I am pretty sure I can fill my time. I will finally be getting my little etsy store up and running getting back to crafting and writing full time, I can hang out with friends now - much more time, and get back to my yoga and exercise program.... and get the house sold!! That is actually my number one priority - selling the house.

It looks like we will be moving to San Diego - I am excited about that. We have friends there and we loved it there the last time. Still waiting on orders in hand though - wish the Navy would hurry upon that. In the interest of moving I have been looking at houses and joined nice site for checking out listings and free to join. I have found a few that I like and saved them and get updates when anything changes - new photos, price reduced, details added - which makes things much easier to follow and keep up with. My plan is to fly out there once there is a contract on my home and check out what is available. My Sunny B, bestie extraordinaire is out there - so happy about that - so there will be no hotel bill... there might be bail needed (jk).

The interesting thing about the site is that it gives you everything.... the assessment on the house and land is one of the first things I check. (The actual first thing is how far it is from Sunny's house.) With the housing market the way it is you would think that people would price their homes appropriately. For example, we don't intend to ask for our assessment - it is too high. We will ask for a fair price and have some room to negotiate. Well, the people out in El Cajon CA are loopy - some of them are asking as much as $100,000 over assessment and I get reports from the website daily that someone has raised the price. Really?!?! Are they living in the real world or smoking crack?

i realize that many people are upside down in the mortgages.... but to buy a house for $100,000 over assessment would start you out upside down. Who's going to do that? Not me, that's for sure. And raising the price on a house that has already been on the market for 10 months... probably not the way to go.

I have sent some of the house links to my friends... B1, in WA cold only say "What is with the people down there? Those colors are awful!" She is right - for some of the houses I would have to paint the whole inside before I could live there.... the colors are pretty gruesome. On those I would probably ask for a painting allowance from the seller.

All in all, looking at all those horrible pics has really helped me get my house in order for selling. Less is more. Room is important. Brighter rooms are happier rooms......

Anyway - this is just babble to get me back in the groove.... thanks.

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