Thursday, January 13, 2011

I think I'll be a Hermit Crab, or Sarah Palin.

If you have been paying any attention to the news, one of AZ congresswomen, Gabby Giffords, was shot, along with 18 other people, six of whom died. One of them was a young girl, only 9. Sad. Tragic. Horrific. The gunman yelled something and then just started shooting people in the head.

There were some heroes:

The young aide to the congresswoman who forged through the chaos to be at her side. He ran into the gunfire.

The two men who tackled the shooter.

The older woman who grabbed the magazine from the shooter's hands as he was trying to reload.

The men who threw themselves in front of their wives to protect them from harm.

The people who ran TOWARDS danger in hopes of saving/helping their fellow man.

Heroes, every single one of them.

Within hours, hours, the local Sheriff, an elected official and a democrat (yes, his party is vitally important at this time) took art in a news conference and decried the Conservative vitriol and rhetoric that led this young man to commit this mass murder/shooting. Well. That was a shocker.

Then other liberal elected officials, news anchors, and the press in general took up the cry of foul, foul Conservatives, your party is responsible for this. Unbelievable.

Then they said that it was Sarah Palin's fault. Really? I've seen her "Sarah Palin's Alaska" and actually found it entertaining and nothing to cause me to shoot up a Safeway, or Food Lion, or Harris Teeter - no matter how high their prices. Now, I get that she is quite passionate that a more conservative approach to government would save all of us lots of money, and do the same for our children, that she stumped the election circuit at the REQUEST of conservatives running for office, and that she is pretty much "in your face" when it comes down to the brass tacks of things, but how on earth did her rhetoric cause this? Really?

So, a friend of mine posted one of the many articles regarding this horrible moment in AZ history. Yes, he is a freaky liberal - really out there. The article also said that Sarah Palin was responsible for it. What crap.

I responded with actual facts....

1. The gun is a tool... the size of the magazine has nothing to do with anything... he just would have reloaded earlier.
2. The election was over months ago.... if the so called "Conservative VItriol and Rhetoric" was going t incite this kind of behavior you think it would have happened sooner.
3. His friends have stated two things about his political leanings: a) he is apolitical and only watches some strange youtube channel that deals with currency issues or b) he is a flaming liberal.

As I expected my friend, and his friends were in a frenzy over this. They did what most liberal (I refuse to say all as I know some very reasonable Democrats) do when confronted with facts - they picked phrases and took them out of context to make their points. When I restated the facts, calmly and rationally they chose to insult me. Wow. What a rational response to being wrong. Then they took pot shots at me - several of these grown boys (I hate to call them men), most in their forties or late thirties, don't even know me, have never met me, and have no idea what my personal beliefs are much less what my life experience is. It actually made for pretty good reading, if you like fiction.

I think the thing that pissed them off this morning was when I quoted President Obama at them. I don't like him, didn't vote for him, and think he is causing our country irreparable harm, but they think he is brilliant so I used him to prove them wrong. The President said that there should be no finger pointing, that no-one cold say what caused this to happen.

Well, they didn't like that one bit. They couldn't even respond directly to that.

But they did compare me to a hermit crab and to Sarah Palin.

Gotta love those liberals.

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