Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wondering if I can get there......

Just where is she trying to go, you may ask. Well, I am trying to lose a little weight before I see the Hubster. I have done pretty good so far... mostly because I have been doing what I should be doing - working out and eating better foods and eating less. In a week I have lost about three pounds. Some of that has been water and some has been due to the Detox Cleanse thing I have been doing.... either way, six more pounds in the nest three weeks and I will be happy.

Now, as to the why of it..... several posts ago I mentioned the The Hubster had outgrown his uniforms... this is because he has been working out two or three times a DAY - that is right, per day, not per week. Sheesh. It didn't totally sink in how big he was getting.. how in shape he now is. The worst part? He has always been in good shape and his weight hasn't fluctuated more than 4 pounds since we have been married unless he was a) sick or b) working out. Me? My weight fluctuates more than 3 pounds from morning to night... and has about a 35 pound swing up and down over the last three years.

In my defense, much of the extra weight was INITIALLY due to the firbromyalgia meds. Every single one had the side effect of weight gain... I think when combined the result was exponential weight gain. Damn.

The issue is that losing the weight is much harder in one's 40's than in one's 20"s... not that I needed to lose weight up until my 40's.... this decade is really bringing me down.

Whatever. Back to the point. Why the rush to lose now? I've known he was working out for months!

Well, I'll tell you. He sent a picture. A picture in which I could see how he had changed. Damn.

There is no way I can lose the total amount I want/need to in the next month - not unless I cut off a leg or something, but I can lose ten. I can do that. I might not look one bit different but I think I will feel a little better about myself.

I am such a whiner.

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