Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Cast

So, let me introduce you to the cast of characters you will meet in this blog.

First there is me, Virginia, the almost successful sister. I am 46, mother of one and step-mother of one. I am married to a Navy man... he has been in for 26 years. All three of the men in my life make me crazy.

The Hubster, obviously my husband. He is currently out serving the country somewhere in the Indian Ocean. He will be gone for a year. He is a little OCD, loves to work with his hands, is smarter than he knows, and I love him way too much.

Sailorboy is my step-son. I love him like he is mine. He is in the Navy, like his Dad - something he said he wasn't going to do. He is smart but hasn't got much common sense about things sometimes.

TeenDream is the youngest. He is fantastic, loves to spend my money and save his, smart as a whip, lots of common sense, and sometimes acts like a little old man. Right now he is trying to figure out whether he wants to be a psychologist or an engineer. He is freaky smart so either one is possible. I <3 him muchly.

Mama. My mother. The best mother on the planet and one of my besties. I talk to her everyday and about everything. She is unshockable. She is a wise woman, full of faith and love. Of course, she also lives in her own reality. It is a nice place, her reality, and I visit it often.

B1. Another bestie. I talk to her pretty much every day too. She keeps me pretty grounded when I am off and losing my mind. She will listen, to a point, and then tell me to breathe. She rocks.

Sunny. My Southern California bestie - heart sister.... we talk often and she is a rock for me. When I lived out there we were neighbors and drank champagne almost every Friday - I haven't ever laughed that much with any other person. She was and is a blessing.

The Beasties. My two daschsunds. One mail and one female. They hut things in the yard and bring dismembered animal carcasses into the bedroom and bed. They eat things they aren't supposed to, chew gum they shouldn't, run when it is bathtime, and are two of the best snuggling partners on the planet.

Sis#1 and Sis#2. My sisters. You might have to read the book to understand how I feel about them. I love them, but they make me crazy. Sis#2 more than Sis#1, but still, they make me crazy.

Deacon. My brother-in-law. He loves my Sis#1 and makes her happy, therefore I think he rocks.

Those are the major players in my life and the ones you will hear about the most. There will be others, and there will often be political commentary as well - I hold nothing back when I put "pen to paper".

I have extremely firm views on politics (conservative), religion (conservative), child-rearing (conservative) - see the trend? About the only area where I am a little wild is shoes.... conservative isn't always better there. I love to cook. I love to write, craft, sew, and read. I really love taking care of my family - now that I am going to be an empty-nester I am pretty sure that writing will take the top spot.

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