Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

So, it is July and I am in SC for a few weeks. It is hot. By hot, I mean heat index of 117. Hot. Mama is kind of getting up there in age so she thinks it is comfortable. Ha. It is hot. We were no the porch yesterday, about 9 in the morning, just sitting and rocking and talking. She was comfortable. I had sweat pouring down my body.

It is so hot that you take a cool shower and when you cut the water off you are still sweating. Hot. Burning in hell must be something like this - of course, hell is probably a dry heat so "it isn't as bad".

My dogs are hot. Mom's, um, dog (?) is hot. The cats, both indoor and outdoor, are hot. The inside cats are staying off the porch and the outside cats are trying to find relief by laying on the concrete. This creates a minor problem for the dogs.... well, for Helga. She has been traumatized by the cats.... inside and outside. Last week one of the inside cats chased her into the shower stall.... now, this wouldn't be a tremendous thing except I was actually in the shower at the time and Helga hates and fears water. Mama's cats stare at her. Glare really, in that totally evil way that cats have. The solid black one, the one that chased her into the shower, truly does look evil. He will glare, and stretch, and push out his claws.... kind of scares me so I can only imagine how terrified she is.

The outside cats have figured out her fear - they will drape over the stairs so when I let the dogs out I have to go down first and shoo all the cats... really annoying. Otto has figured out how to go around but Helga, oh no, she isn't getting anywhere near them without me be her side. Kind of a pain in the butt but I can handle it.

So it is hot. The dogs are developing phobias about cats and water. As we speak Helga is poised about two feet form the black cat, growling (as if that has any effect). I will hear her scream shortly and we will have drama - not that he will actually make contact with her but all it takes is a hiss and a swipe and she is off and screaming as if her leg has been cut off - drama queen is her new title. I will then put them out (the dogs), which means I will be out, sitting and trying not to move, sweating and wondering why I even bothered to shower. Hot. Dog Days.

Maybe I'll just go nap.

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