Friday, July 9, 2010

Old Friends and Lots of Laughs....

So while I was home I got together for lunch with some old friends.... not that we are old, we are all definitely young at heart, but we have all known each other for "almost ever" as one of them says.... i like that phrase and will steal it for use whenever I need it.

Anyway, when I think of them I think of good times... we had fun, and lots of it. I can't even remember when I first met two of them... as one of them put it when asked, "you were just always there". One drifted in in first grade, two in 7th.... but these are people I know.

I might not know everything about their lives, but there was a deep, bone deep, sense of familiarity in being with them. I remember when one of them had a crush on a Jackson brother in 4th grade... can't remember which Jackson but I remember the crush.

I remember when another lost her virginity. When one experienced her parent's divorce and how hard that was, when another went to lunch at the Country Club with me and my Grandmother.... lots of memories, lots of good times.

It had been almost 30 years since I had seen some of them, less time for others... but they were still those same girls... still the women that I had giggled with, broken curfew with, scoped boys with, misbehaved with.... bonds that last forever when you think about it.

The strange thing is that we all connected through FaceBook.... weirdness.... total weirdness. Add in the fact that we all truly wanted to have that lunch, reforge those connections and you have friendship, support, guidance... knowing that these women are out there, that they want to be my friends again/still.. well, that was pretty amazing. And fun.

And I can't wait to see them all again.

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