Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wading into Politics

So, I am politically conservative. I don't pretend to have great knowledge of politics, I do, however, know what I feel is right and/or wrong. I am also fairly astute and have common sense (which, as we all know is NOT common). So, for our first political foray lets talk about the new Healthcare BIll. Not about projections or spending or anything like that, we all now realize it is going to cost us a great deal of money as a country and as individuals. Lets get a little more basic than those trillions.

So, with a show of hands lets see how many have read the law. Hmmm, I thought so. Now let's see how many read any of the man, many bills that were proposed beforehand. Hmmm, I though so. I read the Congressional Bill... downloaded that huge thing to my computer and it took weeks. I still don't understand about half of what it said... it was written in seriously obscure language. What I did understand i didn't like.

Mow that it is law I really need to get in there and read it but I just don't seem to have the heart. I will get there eventually.

But it evolves down to this.... very simplistic terms here.... I am required to pay for other people to receive health care. I don't particularly like this. If I refuse to pay for other people's health care then I have to pay a fine, which will be used to pay for other peoples healthcare. And it won't be great healthcare either, it will be mediocre at best, horrible at worst, and we will have to wait for "elective" surgeries. I'm not talking about breast augmentation or face lifts, I am talking about appendectomies, adenoidectomies, benign tumor removal.... I don't like this. I receive military health insurance (yes, we pay for it) and already have to wait for some things.

I have a friend who was all for the Health Care bill - she has a chronic disease and no Health Insurance. I love her but I do not want to assume responsibility for her bills. I don't want to assume the responsibility for the bills of illegal aliens. I want to pay my bills and leave it at that.

Now, you may say something like "She is married to a military guy, what does she have to worry about?" The answer... I was uninsured for several years. I had to pay for office visits but often did not have the $$'s needed for prescription medication. I have high blood pressure.... have to take medication that is quite expensive. My doctor often gave me samples if she had them but otherwise I had to find that money on my own or not take the medication.

I know what it is like to be terrified that something big will happen. I also know that hospitals HAVE to treat you and will work out a payment plan if they need to.

So, it isn't that I don't have empathy, but I don't really understand how anyone thinks this is okay. This bill isn't going to make anything more affordable and will make everything more expensive.... just look at it. Look at the articles that are coming out on it... of course, mainstream media is putting them deep in the paper - definitely not the front page.

So that's a shortened version of my take on the whole thing. It is crap and we need to get rid of it.

Some states already are - Virginia passed a new law that says "no resident of Virginia shall be forced to purchase Health Insurance." Can't wait to see how long it takes the Federal Government to file a lawsuit.....

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