Monday, July 12, 2010

If I win the Lottery.....

Do you ever wonder what you would do if you won the Lottery? I do. I was thinking about it just today. I have a list and everything. Of course, this list goes through minor alterations every time I fantasize about it.....

1. get an On Demand hot water heater for everyone in my family - those things rock

2. put a third floor on Mama's house.... with a deck and a sliding glass door and I want the deck to be half grass for my beasties

3. pay off everyone's student loans.. everyone I am related to that is

4. pay off my mortgage

5. buy property out in the middle of nowhere and build a log cabin

6. put a butt ton in trust for each boy

7. buy a new car

8. set up a scholarship program to my youngest son's alma mater

9. Settle a big chunk on my Church

Not necessarily in that order.

And that is basically it. I'm a pretty happy person and have most everything I need. Of course, it will be great to be able to buy shoes whenever I want and self publish my books as actual books as well as put them on Kindle but those are not things required for my happiness.

My happiness, even in the toughest of times, comes from a fairly positive attitude and self-respect. I have friends, a good relationship with my mother and kids, a husband I love to distraction even when he makes me angry.... food and shelter. What else do I need?

ANyway, think about it. What would you do?

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