Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sorry I missed the last few days...

Let me tell you about it....

Friday I drove to SC from Tidewater VA (where I live). I was doing the drive alone with both beasties... they were surprisingly well behaved on the drive down. I left early, a little before eight and did the drive in about 7.5 hours. My right leg was really hurting by the time I got here but it wasn't so bad. Just wanted to relax and we did. Mama and I had dinner out - fried shrimp, squash casserole, fried green tomatoes and I brought home a piece of key lime pie. I went to bed early.... I was tired.

I woke up at 2. I thought the clock said 4:30... definitely not thinking straight. The only good thing is that I didn't make my tea. I did have a horrible headache so I took .5 a vicodin and went back to bed. Got up, fed the beasties, hung out with Mama, had a bowl of cereal, took a nap. Got up, took a shower (which is its own story), put my jammies back on, had some lunch, and when I went to get up my back did this strange thing all up and down the right side. PAIN. Just tried to take it for a bit. Then it radiated out my arms, down into my hands, down my legs and into my feet.... Mama brought me a flexoril (muscle relaxer) and helped me get into the bed, then she rubbed a little and I went back to sleep.

Got up, pain wasn't as bad but it was still there - up the back and in the hands and feet more than anything else - ate dinner. Mama made pizza and it was fantastically yummy. Then I had a double dipped ice cream cone, definitely not on the diet. Then I went back to bed and took another muscle relaxer as well as half a vicodin.

Woke up at 4:30 this morning... the real 4:30. drank tea, read, checked e-mail and wondered why my back still hurt. I haven't taken any pills today - don't like feeling muzzy - but still in pain. Hands and feet are killing me so typing this is taking longer than usual... I have napped twice. Missed church and feel like a total slug. Lots of water today and hoping the back is better tomorrow. I become a little emotional when the pain is like this and sometimes "my eyes leak." I really don't want them to leak today - don't think I could handle it.

I know I didn't do anything to pull a muscle. This is what we call a flare in fibro-speak. You can be totally fine one day and wake up totally messed up the next. There isn't much you can do except suffer through it and hope it goes soon.

I really hope it goes soon....

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