Friday, August 13, 2010


So, TeenDream and two of his friends are looking at apartments. Not really... TeenDream and one of his friends are looking at apartments, with me. Three of them will live there. They have limited funds, of course, and don't really know what they are doing.

One friend just says "It has a pool, awesome."

The other one says "that sounds good" to pretty much everything that is said.

TeenDream has actually listened to what I have been saying and walks through, looking at everything, pays attention to the neighbors, and reads the online reviews of each complex that comes up in conversation. He even checks out where the mail boxes are located.

We found a nice, reasonably priced, quiet, second floor, three bedroom 1.5 bathroom apartment for under $1000. It backs onto a well established upper middle class neighborhood. The boys can reserve parking spaces for $10 per month. It is convenient for all of them as far as work and school go. It is convenient to shopping, family, restaurants,the interstate.... Hugo is happy with it. Boy#2 is happy with it. Boy#1 is kind of freaking out.

We haven't looked at everything he says.

We might find something better he says.

What if someone backs out he says.

TeenDream replies:

We don't have to see everything - if we wait too long we might miss out on this one.

the money for the square footage will be hard to beat.

We all have to sign contracts - if someone backs out the are still legally obligated to pay rent once they sign but NONE of us are backing out.

See, TeenDream is ready to move. He has been looking forward to this. He "has this Mom". Boy #2 is happy about it too. He has never had his own room. He is ready to try things out and be about 5 miles from Mom and Dad.

Boy#1 has been wanting to move out for about two years. He fights with his parents and family. He feels like the odd man out in his own home sometimes. Before any information on me and The Hubster's personal schedule speeding up he wanted to move out much earlier than January - August or September was his goal.

So, what's the deal? The two boys that are most secure within themselves are good to go. The two boys who know, 100% that if there is an issue they can call Mom and Dad and get help or whatever they need, are ready to go. And go they will says TeenDream.

TeenDream says "Well, if he doesn't get it figured out me and Boy#2 will be roommates without him and he can just stay at home where he isn't happy.He can spend the night with us every now and then, but he isn't gonna be there all the time."

Boys - funny, weird. And mine is so adult in his responses.... I am not as worried as I was about this whole apartment thing.

I'll worry about other things, like girls.

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