Friday, August 27, 2010

Tiaras Are Important

I have a tiara collection. This started several years ago when my mother gave me the book - The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love. I loved it. I laid on the sofa in my chef pants and toe socks and read it in one sitting. I immediately saw the need to have my very own tiara. I carried myself to Wal-Mart and bought the fanciest Barbie tiara there was. It was the first of several to grace my head. I have a purple fuzzy one that is also a favorite. I used to wear these around the house, laughing at myself as I vacuumed or mopped. A tiara, i have fond, is a very empowering object when worn with the right attitude.

Life got in the way during the last few years.... the tiaras were relegated to closets, drawers and under the bathroom sink. Seeing it now it is all very sad, this tiara decline. Maybe I have lost my sense of fun somewhere in the parenting/wifing/daughtering I have been doing... not to mention all the volunteer things I added to my plate.

So, this morning, while cleaning (and I mean thoroughly cleaning) under my bathroom sink I found a tiara or two - the original Barbie Tiara and the Tiara of Purple Feathers and Fuzz... both fantastic! I put on the Barbie Tiara - it has "jewels" - and proceeded to continue on task with a light heart and a happy face. Some serious power to get a happy face when cleaning - that is a guarantee!

So, the beasties watched me with some concern, sniffed The Tiara, and sat back, reserving judgment.

I continued to clean and toss things our with a lightness that surprised me.

As I hauled stuff to the trash and recycle bins neighbors who were driving by honked and waved... I, naturally, waved back. i noticed some people were laughing and just put it down to everyone is having a great Friday. Right up until I walked back into the house. The Beasties were giving me that "What the heck have you been doing outside without us look" with the added "and in that get up too". GB actually looked embarrassed to know me. SO I, not knowing how to interpret that look immediately, decided to take them out in the back.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror over the mantel... hmmm, yep - still had on The Tiara. I smiled a little, then I smiled a lot!! Fantastic. I don't care who sees it. I don't care who knows that I occasionally run around in a tiara. Maybe if people see that they won't be scared to get their own... and they better 'cause I'm not sharing!

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