Thursday, August 19, 2010

How a Fibro Flare Starts....

Stress... that is the answer. Too much stress all at once, combine it with inability to sleep through, and you have the makings of a flare.

I have one starting.

There is a large fiery pain located under my left shoulder blade... on most people this is bilateral. For me, it is usually one side or the other. I have nerve damage in my neck and right shoulder that inhibits some pain sometimes. It is weird.

I can't sleep through the night - not even with medical assistance.

I have a headache that won't go away.

Muscle relaxers will just increase the pain in my hips - the one that runs down my legs.

Vicodin will just make me not care that I hurt. That is good in one way but bad in that I am worried about doing anything when I take it because I might hurt myself worse.

So, right now it hurts to move my left arm in any way. I have my elbow pinned to my side as I type this. I drove to Popeye's for TeenDream's lunch (he is weeding my flower bed) and I won't be driving again for a day or two, or three.

I am going back to bed. This will give me more stress as I have so much to do. It is a cycle..... one I don't like.

Fibro, it sucks.

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