Monday, August 2, 2010

Just giving you a heads up mom....

So, TeenDream is off in Ohio and I have been at my Mama's house for over two weeks. Glorious time for me.... I really do enjoy her company. Anyway, I have gotten the occasional text from TeenDream, just checking in, and I have tried to not be "all up his butt" while he is off with his cousins. That is much harder than it sounds.

We have a plan for this coming year - his first in college. He will live at home for the first semester and then move into an apartment in January. This gives him the opportunity to save some money and get used to larger classes and still have the "safety net" of parents, just for a little while. His best friend will be his roommate so that is good. Well, the best friend is having issues with his parents and wants to move out right now.


Uh, no.

Not a chance.


I am marshaling my arguments. First, they need to have some padding in their bank accounts before moving in to an apartment. They need to figure out how to budget and what things cost. That will take some time... I was planning on them using this fall as that time.

Second, getting an apartment now when all the college kids from WIlliam and Mary and Christopher Newport are headed back into town will be difficult.

Third, I'm just not ready for this. Really, I'm not.

Fourth, moving out because you are mad at your parents is not a good way to start your independence.

I hope they can wait - after all it is only about 4 months.

If not can I pull the weak, shaky fibro mom that is worried about being alone? Please? Pretty Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

Well, I'm not promising I won't do it anyway. Sigh.

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