Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sleeping Alone....

Okay, first off, the title is all wrong. With the beasties in the bed I am never alone. It should probably be "Sleeping When The Hubster is Gone" or "Battling the Beasties" but "Sleeping Alone" is what flowed from the fingers so that's what we get. handle it.

First, when The Hubster is here sleeping is not a problem. I get situated first, then The Hubster and the beasties battle for position. It really is kind of funny. I sleep on my side. BB cuddles up in my belly area and puts either his head or his butt under my chin. If it is his butt I turn him around. GB like to sleep behind my knees but The Hubster likes to curl up behind me so this is when a fight usually ensues.

The Hubster makes me hold her while he gets comfy and then we let her go. At this point she is very grumpy and gives us her mean puppy glare.... it isn't effective but it seems to make her feel better. Then she climbs up on top of us. It becomes interesting when she starts wiggling and rolling back and forth and sliding deeper and deeper in between us. The Hubster and I both kid of giggle to see what she does next. Once she has wormed her way in between us she starts to turn and push us apart.

Now, one of two things happens.... either The Hubster rolls over and I roll with him, snuggling up to his back (which the dogs do not seem to mind) or we just shift apart (which the dogs prefer). I usually snuggle up behind The Hubster, unless it is late spring, summer, or early fall and then he just puts out too much heat to snuggle hard. When we don't cuddle GB is VERY happy because she starts out next to me and then oozes across the bed to cuddle with "daddy". BB stays with me.

Now, when The Hubster is gone it is a whole different story. Both Beasties are very demanding. BB likes to sleep under the pillows - really?!? - so I have to make him move to his regular spot under my chin and GB thinks she owns the whole bed. Truly - she will sprawl her little body out to take up the most room in the most inconvenient place. They will growl at each other and grump to themselves when I make them stop. Once I settle for the night, if I move they give me dirty looks. If I roll over BB will heave a HUGE sigh and kind of slide/ooze over me until he is back tucked under my chin. GB just tries to stay very still when I start to move, then she makes herself heavy as if that will stop me from rolling over. It is an adventure.

Then there are the teens... who come into my room at any time to see how I am. They will just climb up in the bed to chat. I don't discourage this as I think it is important that they know they can bring their "stuff" to me at any time. Sometimes, if there are girl teens in the house for the evening I will end up with one sleeping in the bed with me. This I don't mind either but it is a weird surprise in the morning.

So, I never sleep alone. Never. I always have company, whether human or beastie. As bothersome as it sometimes is I kind of like it. Actually, I have tried to remember the last time I did sleep alone - I think it was 2002. Sigh... I don't even remember what that is like and I'm not too sure I would like it n ow that I am used to all the company.

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