Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gotta love the Navy

So, we (me and The Hubster) are currently undergoing a one year unaccompanied tour... what that means is he is "there" and I am "here" for a year. In our case it was turning out to be 18 months - he would spend 6 in WA and then head on over to a small atoll in the Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia, for a year. Pretty sucky, but it lined him up for a great job in Japan that would give him a boost when promotion time came. We wear geared up - I had even gotten a Rosetta Stone for japanese..... then we heard from the detailer.

(A detailer is the guy who sends you to the job... he decides your orders and offers you jobs... we just got a new one too.)

So, our promised tour in Japan was no longer. Jeezy peezy... kind of hard to plan things and talk about it when he is in the middle of the ocean and I am on the East Coast. The good thing about his orders is I have always said "Go where you will get what you want and I will follow... your career is about you, not me." that is really hard for some people to grasp. I get comments all the time like "Are you good with that?" when talking about his orders. Well, I look at it this way - he is the service member. He has people to talk to about the benefits and downfalls of every job, promotion etc.... and he knows what will best benefit his career.My job is to support him, make a home wherever we are, and love him through whatever happens. I've got it down.

Anyway, they offered him two jobs to start. One that was not good -everyone said "Run away as fast as you can" and another that would increase our time apart. YUCK and NO. I didn't advise him of anything, I jut tried to figure out a way we could be together and not go broke since the second job wouldn't have him at the new location long enough for the Navy to move us and then had the ship heading back to where we currently live. So selling the house was out. renting it for 9 months was out. Jeezy Peezy again.... that job would have totally sucked.

Then they offered him shore duty - better job, great location.... and he/we needed to figure it out. Would it be a good move? Would it help with promotion? Would it be a job he enjoyed? Then we found out that the orders would come through about 6 months early.... YAY! He asked questions, got good answers, and said "I'll take it".

So, until orders are in hand I won't discuss it too terribly much. I will discuss that I now have about 6 weeks to get the house on the market. HAH. I have about ten million things to accomplish. I have lists to make. I have a kid to get moved out (TeenDream). I am wonder woman and will get it done... then I need a vacay!!!

Oh, and today is my anniversary - only the second we have spent apart. I will spend today thinking about my love, going out to dinner with my friend, and hoping that he can get another phone call or e-mail out to me. This is the life of a Navy wife.... and I love it.

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