Sunday, August 22, 2010

In Memory of Brian Mouring

Last week one of my son's school mates died. He was swimming in NC and was hit by a wave. They searched for two days before finding his body. He was 20.

I haven't known this man as long as some, nor as well as some, but his faith, and that of his family... their closeness and true friendship.... has helped guide us all.

I have many Brian stories... all of us do... but the one that stands out the most follows. TeenDream was a sophomore, Brian was a junior and they were on the soccer team. Mama had come up for a game and we were loaded in her minivan. I had several boys and Brian was among them. One of the boys said "let's pray". Brian, who was seated in the rear intoned "tattoos are of the devil" and all the boys giggled. TeenDream said "Dude, my mom has a tattoo." Brian, never one to miss a beat, then intoned "Body piercing are of the devil". TeenDream said, as all the rest giggled, "Oh Dude, my mom has a tattoo." There was dead silence for a second or two, then from Brian we heard "Mrs. Witte is of the devil."

None of the boys breathed, waiting for my response. Mama and I burst out laughing... after all, it was a natural progression. The boys joined in and later Brian approached and said, "No offense." and I laughed and replied that he would have been a fool not to take the opportunity.

i will always remember that day. They were young, happy, and full of life. Untouched by death.

Brian Mouring will be missed.

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