Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Little Whine with His Cheese

I love The Hubster. He is a really neat guy. Really. But he is half way around the world and has a cold. He is whining. He is half way around the world and tell me that he is a snot factory. He has a headache. He is sneezing a lot. His eyes are watery. Okay.

He has a Z-pack. He has Sudafed. He has a COLD. A cold.

I love him. He is whiny. It really is funny because he is a big guy - strong, stubborn, intelligent. I know why he is whining. He is getting up every day and acting like he isn't sick. He is doing everything exactly the same and has just added in taking the pills. No extra rest. No vitamins. No nothing. Just the pills.

And, I'm not there to take care of him..... hand him vitamins and juice, bring him supper in bed, run him a warm bath, rub his face and head and neck....

Of course, he won't admit that. He won't admit that he likes being babied every now and again. He grumbles about it when he is home and I do it but I know he secretly loves the way I care for him when he doesn't feel well.

So I am getting "I am a snot factory and I hate the world" e-mails. And I'm sending back "Oh baby, I hate it for you... are you getting enough rest? Are you drinking plenty of juice? I hope you feel better soon". What else am I supposed to do?

I hope this cold is over with soon.... i am running out of cheese....

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