Friday, August 6, 2010

One of those days

From start to finish yesterday was fantastic. Positive. Affirming. Encouraging. I want every day to be that way. It just felt good. Even the leaky eyes in Wal-Mart were good. It was just good.

I woke up well. Nice.

The Hubster called. Even better.

Our orders were changed and we aren't going to Japan but we have/had three pretty decent offers of other jobs. Not great but still good. The hubster was pretty positive about everything.

Talked to some friends, got somethings done... errands, rest, laundry. A pretty solid good for fibro me after a full day in the car.

Talked with TeenDream about his moving and all that good stuff.... sad but good.

Had great devotions not once, not twice, but three times yesterday. It seemed like every time I checked out facebook an appropriate Bible quote was staring at me.... fantastic faith affirmation and the guidance I have received from the Lord lately has been very clear and very powerful. Awesome.

Got word about new orders late last night. So excited but remaining quiet until the orders are actually in hand.... but it looks like The Hubster, will moving on to another challenging job, will be moving into a phase that will allow for more togetherness and quality time. So fantastic i am running out of words...

Just when I thought "the pooch was screwed" everything turned out better than well....

I love these kinds of days. I plan on having more of them.

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