Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clearing Out the Clutter

So, with all the changes of orders etc that are happening I will need to get my house on the market faster than I thought. Not that this is a bad thing - I'm quite happy about potentially being in the same time and location as The Hubster - but it has thrown off my schedule - horribly.

I am not an excellent housekeeper. Now, my house isn't gross but it is cluttered. I come by this genetically - I get it from my mother. I toss things out reluctantly - "you never know when you might need it" is my motto. The Hubster, bless his heart, is a pack-rat too. This makes things difficult - particularly since he is not here to go through his own stuff.

I decided to start with the office/craft room. It isn't big but it is full of fabric, craft items, jewelry making items (millions of beads etc), paperwork, file cabinets, tables, sewing machines... you name it and it is in that room. who knew I had so much stuff? Certainly not me. We have lived in the same house for over 6 years, we accumulated things.

One bright side is that TeenDream is moving out "on his own".... I have all kinds of things for him. A small sofa, two chairs, a big TV (an old one), a small TV, the dining table I really don't like, mixing bowls, plates, a dresser, his whole bedroom set... and that is just the big stuff. I have other stuff for him too.... and my house won't be empty when he leaves... it will be more streamlined.

And then there is the yard sale I will have this fall. More extra kitchen stuff, clothes, shoes, books (hard backs the trade-a-book store won't take), and extra decorations and extraneous things that I have no idea why I even possess. I seem to have more of that type of thing than I thought.

Why do I have a bag full of bells? I don't remember buying them or what I cold have possibly been thinking when I did, but I have about 100 little brass bells. Also some tiny baskets and straw hats. I'm sure they were a deal when I bought them and I must have had some idea in mind but I either never had the time or just forgot. They have to go.

I have a book binder - I got that because one of these days I will finish writing my cook book. I will need to print it and bind it. I guess its a good thing I got the spiral spines for that too.

I have three printers. One needs a part. One works just fine. One is a 4 in one that makes the most awful noise when if prints. the noisy one will be sold.

I have a dressmaker's form. I will keep that since I do sew and like to design things.

I have 5 ghoul masks. The Hubster bought them for some reason. He has never worn them or given them to anybody. I think those will go.

I have fabric - more fabric than anyone really needs.... I will keep it and make things.. not sure what yet, but I will use it. Until I use it I can drape it artfully over the dress form and look like I am being productive.

I have a black velvet display "neck" for jewelry - also one for bracelets. I wonder why I don't have a black velvet ear too?

I have all kinds of paper - colored, decorative, construction - I guess I buy too much when I go to the paper store.

I have multiple baskets - not the miniature kind - but small ones, some with handles, some without... lots of them. I think many of them need to go. I have no idea where most of them cam from.

So, that is just part of the one room I have started to go through. This getting ready to sell may take longer than a month.

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  1. And I will come and help you one weekend! Who knows, maybe I need some of your stuff!