Wednesday, August 11, 2010


OpSec stand for Operational Security for those of you who don't know. It means that dates and times and locations can't be discussed in the course of general conversation.... ever. Not in e-mail. Not in the grocery store. Not at the hairdresser. It is for safety and security (duh) and really isn't that hard to follow.

The Hubster and I have it down. When he wants to give me a date he uses someone's birthday plus or minus however many days - it is never in the right month - just recently he used my birthday to give me a date. My b-day is in Feb, but, since I knew already what month he was talking about it was easy to figure out the day and month he was talking about. The rest of the information was innocuous without the proper day and month.

That is the beauty part of it - we aren't violating anything and I can keep informed on what is happening. I like knowing. When he first got to the new Command he sent me pictures of his office. He told me about his daily routine - slightly different at every Command. He described his stateroom and the really loud and powerful air conditioner that vents in his room. We laughed about how he had to get a king-sized mattress pad to put on his bed. he sent me pictures of that room too.

That is part of being married to a military guy - finding out as much about his day, living conditions etc that you can so that you can still participate in some small way when they are gone. Asking what he ate for dinner may seem silly but it is important to me to know that he is eating as well as possible. Did he take his vitamins? Is he sleeping okay? Has he gone to the Doc for anything? It is my way of taking care of him.

I love that he answers my questions without laughing at me. I love that he gets that I am asking because I care and because I want to be as much a part of his life as possible. And I love that he does the same thing.

So, hate being apart, love that we find ways to communicate clearly and show our caring.

Guess that's it for now.... apartment hunting with TeenDream today.....

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